Calm Canine Dog Biscuits


Homemade dog biscuit treats infused with CBD oil.

Our Calm Canine biscuits help to calm the animal down. They are short wearing, which means they are effective for a short period of time (a couple of hours).

The biscuits are very effective for the treatment of:

  • Anxiety – if you need to take the animal to the vet
  • Go on a long car journey
  • Calm them on rubbish day if they hate the rubbish truck
  • Separation anxiety
  • Post operative care – keeping the animal quiet giving them time to heal
  • Incessant barking

To name but a few…




8 Biscuit Pack (medium/big dog with big biscuits) / 15 Biscuit Pack (small dog with small biscuits)

Big/Med Dog Biscuit Pack x 8

Small Dog Biscuit Pack x 15


Flour, Coconut, Oil, Egg, Stock Powder, Water and with CBD drops per biscuit

Big dog treat contains 3 x CBD Drops

Small dog treat contains 2 x CBD Drops

Dosage according to the weight of your pet

Less than 8kg – 1 treat per day

8kg – 20kg – 2 treats per day

20kg – 40kg – 2 treats twice a day

More than 40kg – 3 treats twice a day

Please remember all pets are different so dosages may need to be adjusted accordingly. The above is just a guideline.


Store in an airtight container, once opened. Consume within 30 days of opening the packet


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