Fur Real Canna Infused CBD Oil (Drops)


Fur Real Canna Infused CBD oil is fast acting, organically grown and produced under strict health & safety standards.

It helps rebuild the immune system, while working as a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

The oil helps to clean the blood and restore blood platelets hence aiding with Cancer, Lymph, arthritis, inflammation and other like ailments.

The Fur Real CBD oil can be applied to the skin for skin ailments if required.

Maximum dosage is 20mg per day

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2-3 drops small pet

3-5 drops medium pet

5-10 drops large pet.

Put it on their paw and they will lick it off or place in the mouth

Horses: 10 drops, rub under the tongue or into the mouth/gums

Please remember all pets are different so dosages may need to be adjusted accordingly. The below is just a guideline.


Medical Grade Glycerin with 9 strain CBD blend


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