CBD Jello Shots 5ml


Jello Shots are used for immediate pain relief for all ailments (6-8hours). It is an anti-inflammatory with calming effect.

It is used as an immediate calming and pain relief in animals.

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5ml CBD


Agar agar seaweed (vegan) – the most natural form of Iodine, Coconut Oil, CBD and fruit juice (tartrazine free)

Dosage for People

Squirt 2.5ml or 5ml into the mouth when necessary and swallow

It is safe to take a Jello Shot as often as is needed (Remember everybody is different and therefore their pain threshold will be different)

Dosage for Pets

½ syringe for a small/medium breed – Squirt into the mouth

Full syringe for a large breed – Squirt into the mouth

Horses – 2 full shots into the mouth.


Store in the fridge and take out ½ hour before use

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