Fur Real Canna Pet Food Mix


The all-over good health supplement/superfood mix!

Fur Real Canna Pet food mix is a general all over health supplement containing Chlorophyll for your pet. It aids with ticks and flea control, digestion issues, animal cancer, bad breath, skin issues, rejuvenating blood cells and many more.


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100og/250g Concentrate mix with Coconut Oil

Mix into pet food for ALL conditions. Syringe into mouth or onto their food once a day. Please remember all pets are different so dosages may need to be adjusted accordingly. The below is just a guideline.

2-3ml small pet – ¼ or ½ tea spoon

3-5ml medium pet – ½ tea spoon

5-10ml large pet – 1 x tea spoon

Horses: 20ml in warm water and syringe into the mouth.

Fur Real Pet mix can also be applied to external sores and growths.


Full spectrum 9 strain CBD blend, Chlorophyll and Coconut


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