Fur Real Canna Pet Food Mix


The all-over good health supplement/superfood mix!

Fur Real Canna Pet food mix is a general all over health supplement containing Chlorophyll for your pet. It aids with digestion issues, animal cancer, bad breath, skin issues, rejuvenating blood cells and many more.


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1l / 250g Concentrate mix with Coconut Oil

Mix into pet food for ALL conditions. Syringe into mouth or onto their food once a day. Please remember all pets are different so dosages may need to be adjusted accordingly. The below is just a guideline.

2-3ml small pet – ¼ or ½ tea spoon

3-5ml medium pet – ½ tea spoon

5-10ml large pet – 1 x tea spoon

Horses: 20ml in warm water and syringe into the mouth.

Fur Real Pet mix can also be applied to external sores and growths.


Full spectrum 9 strain CBD blend, Chlorophyll and Coconut

Keep Refrigerated


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